Hey there !

ARPP : Arduino RFID PIR Project

I’m Amir and started a new Arduino Project .
In this project we use RFID and PIR sensor for Arduino to make a strong security system for small places .
You use RFID to activate or deactivate system . If system is active , PIR send data from environment to Arduino and if data is 1 , alarm will play so loud ! but if system is deactivated PIR won’t do anything .

All in all , It is a good simple project . You can see the code in Github .

You can use it so easy

$ cd ~
$ git clone https://github.com/BlackIQ/ARPP
$ cd ARPP

Then deploy in on your Arduino .

I’ll make a video to say what you need and how does the code works .

TNX for reading .

Amir .



Amirhossein Mohamadi

Amirhossein Mohamadi

Web and Mobile full stack developer.